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When thinking about the traditional home, we think of a small wooden kitchen, a well decorated living room and a garage for storing our cars and other valuable objects. Oh how times have changed…

Nowadays the kitchen is viewed by many as ‘The heart of the home’ which will include a dining area along with an adopted living room. All over our homes we have seen rooms transform and the garage is no different. We shouldn’t be viewing the garage as just a room for storage now but in fact an extension of the home, a chance to create our own personal haven. A space which we can transform into our very own dream room.

When it comes to any garage improvement I urge homeowners to think of this renovation like they would when building a conservatory or any extension to their home. You are adding a new room with purpose, a place that you can showcase and spend hours as a family; essentially adding substantial value to your home.



There are many different options as to what you can turn your garage into however it really does come down to personal preference; nevertheless here are 5 of my favourite garage improvements:

Creating your home gym: Many UK homeowners would agree that they would love a home gym; and what better way to make this dream become a reality then converting your garage? Homeowners will admit that creating a home gym has always been a struggle due to the space issues and with the garage usually being a fairly large space it is perfect.

Although purchasing all the gym equipment can feel like a fairly hefty wager, think about the money you can save in the long term. No more travelling to the gym, no more paying for your membership and no more self-consciousness when training around other people. It really is the ideal solution. Add a couple of mirrors and even some inspirational photos and quotes to make your home gym inspirational while functional.

The perfect kitchen: At the beginning of this article I spoke about how the kitchen has transformed into ‘The heart of the home’ and if you haven’t already created your dream kitchen; converting your garage would be the ideal way to do so.

Your garage has the potential to be converted into a large dining area along with a kitchen using the ever present interior designers dream of open plan living. If you have been considering having a home extension done then you can save money on building work by converting your garage. Get in touch with local tradesmen and work out a price. The money you save can be spent on whatever you want; maybe you like the thought of going out and getting the latest high-tech kitchen accessories?

The style of your kitchen really does depend on your personal preference and the theme you are looking to portray. Get in touch with local kitchen designers and find something that suits all your needs.

Hobby workshop: You can create the perfect workshop for whatever your hobby; the garage is usually a place in which privacy can be obtained fairly easily, creating the perfect hideout. Whether you are an arts and crafts fan, a keen collector of a particular type of model or simply want a place to complete your work the garage will offer you this opportunity. You can even make your own private home office.

Home Cinema:  Create that home cinema to die for in your garage conversion; most of us love going to the cinema and why not save yourself a few quid by making one at home? Imagine the cosy family nights you can have relaxing watching your favourite movies, in my opinion this is an amazing choice.

There is no reason to spend a fortune like many of you probably expect, instead why not buy some comfy chairs or sofa’s and a decent sized television and you are nearly there. Installing a mural painting on one feature wall is another clever idea that can add to the feeling of this room.

The games room: Many homeowners will admit that they have always dreamed of having a home games room, whether it being with a pool table, an ice hockey table or even a table football table. Perhaps all three? Like I have briefly mentioned your garage conversion can simply be whatever you want.

Add an arcade too your home, fill it with slot machines and table based games. Or perhaps make your own casino? Whatever you decide the garage is the perfect place to do so.

As you can see there are many very creative ways in which you can make your concrete garage more than just a room for storage; the three things you need to keep in mind are simple. Will it improve your lifestyle? Are you adding an extra room that is enjoyable yet functional and the most important one of all… Will my garage conversion add valuation to your home?

This article was provided by Ryan Hirst, Ryan is the marketing and media assistant at Eurofit Direct, an office and kitchen furniture manufacturer in the UK, His role within the company includes running the company blog and handling social media portals.

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