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These days, more and more home owners are realising the importance and versatility of having a garage added on to their properties. While a garage may be an extremely handy addition to have on your property, it is also one of the rooms, where the most potential lies for accidents and injuries to occur. The good news however, is that a good garage safety routine is quite simple to implement.

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Ensure that your Garage Space is Properly Organised

Most people who have a garage tend to fall into the trap of not having any form of storage or organisation system in place. However, this is of absolute importance where garage safety is concerned because most accidents occur when items haven’t been properly stored. If you have children, it is imperative that all hand tools, power tools, garden implements, sharp objects as well as toxic items such as paint; cleaning solutions and other chemical-based products are stored well out of their reach – preferably in a locked cabinet of sorts. Heavy or bulky items should be stored as low to the ground as possible to prevent injury should they shift or fall accidentally.

Automated Doors are Not Toys

Many children find the allure of an automatic garage door opener extremely tempting. While newer versions of these devices have been designed with garage safety in mind, they should always be treated with respect. Remotes should be kept out of reach of children.

Keep Vehicles Locked

All too often, we hear of children who manage to access a vehicle that is parked in the family garage, get it started and either reverses it through the door or drives into the wall in front of them. This can cause serious injuries as well as structural damage. When your vehicle is not in use, keep it locked and ensure that your children do not know where the keys are kept. While a garage may seem like a tempting playground for children because of the forbidden items that are stored in them, it is essential to ensure that they are constantly supervised when spending time in a garage.

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