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How many times have you wished that you could use your concrete or prefab garage for more than just storing your car? Okay, your car should be your priority here but it seems a massive shame that the rest of this interior space seems to be going to waste. So let’s take a look at 5 really cool ways to ensure that your garage is used to its’ full potential. Some may be more obvious than others but we can promise you that your garage will soon be the most useful room in your home.

1. Wall storage – Most garages have plenty of wall space that is simply wasted because we tend to concentrate on the floor for storage options. All you need to do is mount some decent hooks and brackets on your walls and you can free up plenty of new storage space.

2. High storage space – If your garage has a high ceiling, why not exploit this space by adding some sturdy cabinets and shelving units? It makes good sense to use this space for those items that you don’t need regular access to for obvious reasons. Seasonal equipment is probably the wisest choice but ensure that you can access these without compromising your safety.

3. Ceiling space – Most garages also have enough height to consider setting up some kind of support in place for storage purposes. We’d recommend using a mixture of support carriages and some light but strong plastic bins.Again, these are best when utilised for seasonal equipment or long term storage options.

4. Cabinet storage – So long as you have some decent DIY skills, why not look into making your own purpose built cabinets? Use plywood and make them as big or small as you need and pretty soon your garage will look more organised and well laid out than ever before.

5. Hanging storage – Plenty of larger tools and equipment can be hung from your wall and will free up loads of excess floor space. Wheelbarrows, lawn mowers and your bulky power tools just to mention a few.

We’ve mentioned 5 of the most popular storage spaces for your garage but there are plenty more as well. Just use your imagination and remember to think safety first at all times.

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