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When you protect your house from intruders, make sure you protect your concrete garage as well. Many of us keep a number of personal items in our garages, including cars and bikes; this is why it is important to implement security measures. As well as preventing intruders and theft you should also consider ways that will help reduce the amount of damage that would occur if someone was to attempt to break in. Take charge of your garage and make sure you keep it secured and safe. With this in mind, we have put together some security tips that could help you out:

Keep the Windows and Doors Shut

These are the two entry points that a burglar is most likely to target. If a thief sees an open window, they will simply attempt to climb through it, so it’s vital you keep the windows closed when you aren’t there to keep an eye on the garage. You can leave the windows open to allow circulation, or in the warmer months to let air in, but just make sure that you close and lock them when you are not at home and overnight. This applies also for any doors to the garage. Another way of deterring thieves is to add blinds or curtains, thus limiting what the thief can see through any windows.

UPVC windows often offer better protection than single pane glass. PVC windows help to increase security. Good quality garage windows and door locks, such as those from LM Concrete Garages, are important. Keep your windows and doors locked at all times unless you need to open them.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a well-known security method to help prevent theft. You may need more than one camera for your sectional concrete garage. By installing visible security cameras it reduces the risk of your garage being burgled, as someone is less likely to break in if they realise that they are being filmed.

Install A Motion Activated Floodlight

Motion activated security lights can be an effective preventive against intruders and help to enhance your concrete garage security. By using infra-red waves a sensor is able to detect both body temperature and movement which as a result triggers the floodlights.

Secure Your Items

If you have a bike and you keep it in your garage, simply chain it to the wall, or if you have any expensive items, lock them away in containers. This means it is harder for thieves to get to your items.

Thanks to the structure of your concrete sectional garage, you can already rest assured that your garages contents are safer than other outdoor storage areas but a little additional garage security will give you further peace of mind.

These are just a number of ways to help protect your garage but we could not cover them all on here. Following simple steps like the above can help increase your garage security and protect your possessions and it doesn’t have to cost much either!



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