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Throw open the curtains and take a good long look at Spring. After all our waiting, good weather and clear skies are finally returning to Britain. Some might throw on their jogging shoes, some might head out for a picnic, but here at L&M Concrete Garages, we know exactly what Spring really means. It’s DIY Season! Shake off the rainy blues and get into your dusty overalls, because this is the time of year where the whole nation picks up the hammer and nails and gets busy in the workshop.

Spring Has Sprung

If you’ve been holding off on those big projects around the house, Spring is the perfect time of the year to get them knocked off. Whether it’s a personal project, a big renovation job, or just some home improvement, this is the time of the year to get it done. When the rainy Winter weather is dampening all our spirits, it can be hard to get started on that important pet project you keep thinking about, so leap up and get moving now that Spring has sprung. Nothing feels better than completing a big DIY project right as Summer rolls in, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour while the sun is beaming down.

But some projects are too big to get ticked off the list by yourself. For example, that new concrete garage you’ve been looking to sort out while Winter was raging, and the snow was piling up higher than the fence. That’s where we come in. Get your FREE site survey booked in with L&M Concrete Garages today and start the process towards your brand-new garage today! You can get a free quote from us right now, and you could save up to £1000 with a quote from L&M Concrete Garages. We offer a full service, from base laying to demolition, to help you get the perfect garage this Spring.

Check out our special offers running throughout the season, including our special site survey offer. Book a FREE site survey between the 5th and 12th of May and you can win a £25 B&Q gift voucher to help you towards your Springtime DIY! Get your garage planned out and built up in time for the Summer heatwave, then sit back and relax with a cool drink in hand knowing how easy it was to organise thanks to L&M Concrete Garages.

Don’t delay for another season, get in touch today and book your free site survey!

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We found your service very helpful from Derek's first visit to the completion of the garage, which we are delighted with. Very likely to recommend your service.

- Sam & Molly Whitelaw
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