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Wood Fascia

Wood Fascia

White Fascia

White Fascia

A fascia is a term in architecture that describes a band or frieze that runs horizontally under the edge of the roof. It is generally made from either sheet metal or wood, and often holds the rain gutters.

Modern Fascias

Fascias for prefabricated garages are installed on the side of the garage holding the truss, so that the roof can be flush against it. This makes for even shingles. Since the introduction of PVC in the late 20th Century, there has been a push for low-maintenance or maintenance-free fascias. You can find them in a number of stylish finishes such as light oak, mahogany, or plain white.

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We bought our 28ft 6ins. X 12ft 6 ins. from L.M. Garages it was not the cheapest quote but it certainly turned out the best buy. From the day the base was sorted to the day the garage was erected, all of the chaps worked very hard to complete the job in the time that they had stated. Very pleased with everything

- L. Chance
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