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When people make the decision to clean out their garage, they usually expect to find one or two long-lost items hidden in the depths of it. However, it is definitely not an everyday occurrence when a garage treasure such as an orthodox Jewish manuscript is discovered in a nondescript box. Such an event occurred recently in a garage in Bury.

Concrete Garage

A Beautiful Handwritten Document

After the garage in question was thoroughly cleaned out, a cardboard box was discovered that nobody seemed to be familiar with. Upon opening this garage treasure, a rare and handwritten Jewish manuscript was discovered inside. After carefully perusing the manuscript, it was noted that it had been hand written and illustrated by Aaron Wolf in 1726. In it, he documented the Jewish Passover festival and how best to observe this time of importance each year.

How it Arrived in the UK

It is suggested that this valuable and fragile piece of handwritten Hebrew history managed to make its way into the UK by being smuggled out of Belgium by a family who was fleeing the oppression of the Nazi’s during World War 2. However, over the years, the family may have forgotten about it when the time came to move on after the war was over. As a result, this garage treasure was simply left to languish in a cardboard box until it was discovered a few weeks ago.

A Wealth of Information

While the bulk of the information in this document found in a Bury garage contains information pertaining to Passover, there is also a great deal of beautiful illustrations contained in it. Many of them depict stories from the Old Testament such as how the Egyptians were miraculously drowned in the Red Sea. Much attention has been paid to detail in this garage treasure, which gives a clear indication of how various people and events looked in those days.

High Auction Bids Expected

It is not often that an almost 300-year old masterpiece such as this manages to stay in such immaculate condition over the years. As a result, it is expected to fetch an astonishing price of anywhere between £100,000 and £500,000 when it goes under the auction gavel. However, if there is an above average level of interest in the manuscript, the auction bids may be driven even higher than the anticipated levels. This could indeed be one of the most valuable garage finds ever.

International Interest

Owing to the nature and age of this Jewish manuscript, it has managed to draw interest from as far afield as the United States and Israel. However, an auction of this magnitude can expect to draw visitors from just about anywhere in the world. At present, a date has been set for the auction towards the end of November. This does not provide a lot of time, which means that anyone who has expressed interest would need to find a way to be present at the auction within the next few days.

A garage treasure find that is of such great historical significance as this just goes to show that it is possible to come across almost anything when you decide to clean out a garage or other store room for the first time.

To read more on this fascinating story you can visit the BBC website.

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