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The garage is often the most overlooked area of a home when it comes to any form of home improvement or energy efficient projects. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in your concrete garage, you should still treat it as another room in your home. If you want to live that greener lifestyle, you should consider investing time to make your garage more energy efficient.  Well, we have got you covered, we put together some simple ways you for you to make your pre fab garage more energy efficient.


Windows and Doors

One of the easiest ways to make your sectional garage more energy efficient is to insulate any doors or windows. For doors, check around the door frame to see if you can find any gaps or leaks and seal them as needed. You can also consider applying weather stripping around the door frame. As for the windows in your concrete garage, like how you did with the doors you can check for any gaps or leaks around the frame. Also make sure you replace or repair any broken windows. Also, if the windows are old they may not be considered energy efficient, so one thing you could look at doing is replacing them with newer, more energy efficient windows.

If you are considering changing your concrete garage windows, then check out our full range that we stock here.

Switch to LED Lights

Firstly, check what type of light bulbs you already use. Whether you have one light or ten in your sectional concrete garage, you should take out your bulbs and switch them to energy efficient LED light bulbs. You will use 25-80% less energy by switching to LED lights, and they last up to 25 times longer than standard bulbs! You may be thinking that LED lights are a bit pricier than others, but if you think about it, in the long run they pay for themselves.

Floor and Walls

If you have cracks in your garage floor, this is one way that you could be losing a lot of heat. These cracks allow cold air to enter your garage as well as letting the heat escape. Make your concrete garage more energy efficient by using a sealant to fix your cracks. Another area where you could be losing heat is where your garage walls and floor meet. You could consider applying a sealant where the cement and wall framing meet or foam eaves filler.

Garage Door

There is no surprise that one of the biggest areas where energy loss comes from is your garage door. Most doors now come already insulated, but if yours is an older door it may not be. Consider upgrading your door to a more recent energy efficient mode. Check out our full range of garage doors here to find one perfect for you.

Organise Your Section Concrete Garage

Your tidiness does have an impact on your energy efficiency. A disorganised, messy garage, can attract unwanted pests. They can then move into your garage and feed off the insulation you may have installed. By keeping your garage organised and tidy, it will ensure that you won’t be feeding any of those unwanted pests.

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