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LM Garages does more than just offer garages and sheds, we are specialists who offer a full service for your garage installation and preparation.

Our Service


We are fully equipped to provide expert demolition services. If you have an existing structure which is in need of dismantling before the erection of your brand new garage, LM Garages can easily take care of this for you.


We are also specialists in clearing and removals, and are happy to assist in this area prior to the construction of your new garage.


Once you have an area ready for your new garage, our friendly and professional experts provide speedy installation services, leaving your new garage ready for use.

Base Laying

Your new garage requires a solid foundation and LM Garages are capable of preparing the base for this, whether this is construction of a new base or levelling off an existing one.

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We bought our 28ft 6ins. X 12ft 6 ins. from L.M. Garages it was not the cheapest quote but it certainly turned out the best buy. From the day the base was sorted to the day the garage was erected, all of the chaps worked very hard to complete the job in the time that they had stated. Very pleased with everything

- L. Chance
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