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As we get through the year 2018, we’re seeing more and more innovation being implemented in the Garage industry. There are more upgrades and opportunities available than ever before for anyone looking for the perfect customisable garage. With innovations like the following, you can get a concrete garage that’s perfectly suited to you:

  1. Smart Technology

Smart home technology has been used for several years now, and more households than ever have some form of it. This includes thermostats, speaks, cameras and more, any technology that involves an integrated assistant system for convenience. As expected, this tech has been reaching out to the garage as well. The most obvious form of Smart Garage Technology is the smart door, allowing you to open and close your garage door from anywhere. Other pieces of tech include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, moisture detectors and smart lighting.

  1. Charging Stations

Nowadays, people use their garages for a wide range of different activities such as offices, gyms and break rooms. But there many people who use the garage for its original purpose. As electric and hybrid cars become more popular, people are setting up charging stations in their own garage to ensure that they’re always ready to go as they can leave their car charging up while sat safely in the garage.

  1. Quality Garage Flooring

The garage floor might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of garage innovation, but it’s very important that you don’t take it for granted. When you’re upgrading your garage, you don’t want to miss upgrading the foundation as there have been so many developments made to make the garage floor more practical and more presentable. Polyaspartic floors enjoy several benefits like increased durability, better impact resistance, and just looking overall far better than the usual bland stone ground.

  1. Energy Efficieny

Lots more people are eco-conscious nowadays, and the garage can be a source of poor energy retention. As such, lots of developments have focused on trying to improve the energy efficiency of garages. Ceiling and wall insulation is an obvious must for anyone looking to keep their energy bill down, but you can even insulate your garage door as well. Additional upgrades like weatherstripping will contribute to keeping your garage as energy efficient as possible.

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