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You may be surprised to learn that plenty of car owners don’t even bother keeping their pride and joy under lock and key any more. What is the point of having a perfectly decent garage, whether concrete, precast or prefabricated if you aren’t even going to make the most of it? Here we look at some awesome reasons why your car is simply better off when stored in your garage.

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Even if your car only cost you a few hundred pounds, it’s probably a very useful vehicle and by storing it in your concrete garage, you are looking after this important asset. The UK winter is renowned for its harsh and often extreme weather and who knows what type of damage can be done to your 4 wheeled friend during those stormy old nights? You are also keeping it away from prying eyes especially if you have a decent locked door as part and parcel of the whole structure.


Keeping your car in your prefabricated garage makes great sense especially when you’d rather not be exposed to that early morning downpour. You are also spared the tedious and often uncomfortable process of scraping any ice away from the windscreen.

Retaining the value

If your car is garaged all year around, this will certainly mean that the bodywork is kept in good condition. If you decide to sell your vehicle at a later date, the value will be retained far more favourably than a car that has been battered by the elements for 365 days per year.


There is a reason for insurance companies asking you if your car is kept in a garage and the results will mean a lower premium to deal with. They see this as a positive for the reasons we have listed above so why not use your pre cast garage to house your car and you’ll be ticking so many boxes that it’s daft not to.

As we’ve already mentioned, if you have a precast, prefabricated or a concrete garage, do the wise thing and start using this fantastic asset to ensure that your car is well and truly looked after.

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