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How to choose an L & M Concrete Garage

We understand that choosing a concrete garage to suit your needs can be daunting, so we at L & M Concrete garages want to make the whole process easy.

The first thing you need to do is put some thought into what your requirements will be for your Concrete Garage, not forgetting how your needs might change in the future.

Area’s you must consider when planning a concrete garage are:


The size of the garage must meet your requirements, this sounds obvious but have you thought about the size of your vehicle, it needs to be measured not forgetting the wing mirrors and draw bar if you have one. Think about the space you need to open the car door once inside the garage. Will you require extra space for storage or workspace.
A wider or longer garage will cost a little more but will give you more options.

The shape of your concrete garage is depends on which design you choose, select one from our range:

The style of the garage really comes down to personal choice; we can give you many options such as:

  • Finishes
  • Garage door options
  • Personal door options
  • Window options
  • Roofing options
  • Facia options
  • Door Gears

Our specialists will give you design advice

We find the best way to accommodate all your needs is by offering a Free No Obligation Site Survey.

Our specialist will come to your home and discuss all your requirements for a garage including planning (if required) base laying, dismantling of old buildings and removal of asbestos. Click here to book a site survey

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