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Asbestos in domestic properties:

Before we talk about removing asbestos let me tell you a bit more about how, where and when asbestos was used in domestic properties just so you have a better idea if you do really have an asbestos issue.

Asbestos was used in a wide range of building materials and products, often as fireproofing because the fibres are strong and very heat resistant.

Asbestos cement has been widely used as a cladding material and often found in sheds and garages. Properties built in the mid 1980’s are very unlikely to contain asbestos and properties built in the 1990’s are extremely unlikely to contain asbestos anywhere in the building.

Here are some types of asbestos materials that may be found in Garages and Sheds

• Asbestos cement products (mainly 10-15%, but up to 40% on occasions)

Being the most widely used asbestos material it is found in many types of buildings. Asbestos cement products have also been used in guttering and drainpipes and as roofing and cladding for garages.

Asbestos cement is still being used today in roofing and cladding by some companies but because of the way it is made today it is unlikely to release high levels of fibre unless it is subject to extreme abrasion. At L & M Concrete Garages we only use fibre cement with no asbestos content.

• Other Building Materials and products

There is a variety of other building materials that contain asbestos including decorative coatings such as some plasters and textured paints. Supply and application of such materials has been prohibited since 1988 but they are still widely in place. Other materials that can contain asbestos are roofing felts, plastic floor tiles, cushion flooring, ropes, tapes felts and blankets.


So you now know if you have asbestos in your property, what type of asbestos it is and how harmful it can be. If you are still unsure about certain materials in your home always presume that they do contain asbestos.

So how do you go about removing the asbestos?

How we can help

There are several reasons why our clients come to us for help with asbestos removal including the fact that we:

• Save you time by sourcing professional, reliable asbestos removal contractors

• Offer peace of mind by only using fully licensed and vetted asbestos removal contractors

• Keep the costs down by providing competitive quotations for the asbestos removal work

• Make sure that you are fully compliant, by ensuring all paperwork is completed including, among others, method statement, risk assessment, ASB5, air test certificates and tipping notes.

• Take away the hassle by managing the entire project on your behalf
If you would like to know more about how we can work with you to solve your asbestos removal problems or issues, please contact us here.

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