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What do you picture when you think of a concrete garage? A dusty glorified shed used for holding a car and maybe some old trinkets? If so, you’re trapped in the old ways. It’s not just you, of course. Many people don’t realise just how much garages have changed throughout the years. Once they were simple spaces with only one function. Now that so many advances have been made in home improvement and quality, the garage can be easily turned from an oversized storage box into the most important part of your household.

Popular Prefab Garages



1. The Perfect Project Room

Letting all that empty space go to waste is a crying shame. The garage is the perfect place to experiment and tinker in peace. Many people have converted their garages into a workshop or hobby room, and it’s easy to see why. You can store all the items of your trade neatly inside, you have more than enough room for large equipment, and then enough space left over to work in a peaceful, wide open area. When you’re considering picking up a new hobby, the garage could easily be the place to see that dream become reality.


2. The Ultimate Entertainment Suite.

Your own bedroom or living space can be a great haven for your entertainment and relaxation, but for the perfect place to unwind, you could consider converting your own garage into your personal games room. You’ve got the space for games that require wide areas such as Darts, Pool, Snooker or Ping-Pong in there, you’ve got wide empty walls for projecting Video Games, Television or Movies onto, you’ve got the space for couches and seats, and electricity can be easily set up in your garage nowadays. It can be the perfect home away from home, even if your home is only a few steps away.


3. The Ultimate Gym

This can be a life-changing investment for you and your family. Rather than spending huge prices on a gym membership, simply convert your garage into your own personal gym and stock it with the workout equipment that YOU want to use. You’ll find it far easier to motivate yourself to exercise when your gym is only a few steps away, and the garage makes the perfect place to isolate yourself from the world and really get yourself moving. Set up some speakers and a music player as well to ensure you’ve got some tunes to get yourself worked up.


4. The Professional Office

If you need a place to focus, the garage can be the best place for you. Separate from the house and the world, you can make the garage your own personal office, letting you find peace and quiet during your work hours, and there’s enough space to customise, letting you add whatever additions you want for your perfect workplace. This is a great conversion for anyone who works from home and needs the space to concentrate. It can be great for keeping yourself away from any distractions and to really get the most out of your workday.

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