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Site Banner - Home Office-minIf you’re starting your own business, working from home, or just looking for the perfect quiet spot to write or read, you should abandon that Monday morning commute and convert your concrete garage into a Home Office! If you’re looking to set up your own ideal home office, L&M Concrete Garages has you covered, because if you order your concrete garage before September 30th, you can save up to £1000! That’s a huge bonus that can go towards creating the perfect working environment in the comfort of your own garage.

So what benefits do you get from converting your concrete garage into your ideal home office? Here are just some of them, and some ways you can use that extra £1000 to spruce up your new work space!

Quit the Commute

The morning commute to work is one of the worst parts of your morning. Getting up early to get everything ready, then jumping in the bus or car to drive all the way to work, then all the way back again when the day is over. With a home office, that commute is reduced all the way down to a couple of steps out the door, then a couple steps back in the house. Even those rainy mornings are made better when work is just a couple of feet away!

Your Own Private Spot

You have two choices in the office at work. With an open plan, everyone is able to see what the other is doing. You get no privacy to work and focus on your day when you’ve got your co-workers only a metre away typing away as well. With a closed plan, you’ve got an impersonal tiny cubicle to work in, where your boss can come by at any time without warning and poke their head right in! With a converted home office, you’ve got the luxury of privacy AND the luxury of a wide open space that is all yours to customise and design.

Customise Your Workplace

Whatever you’re using your home office for, whether it’s work or recreation, you can make it all yours. Install a TV or radio to suit the atmosphere, bring in a bookcase for all your work and reading materials, get a mini-fridge in there to get a cool can to drink when the mood takes you. Whatever you want to do in your home office, there’s more than enough space with a converted concrete garage.

Ideal for Start-ups

Starting a business is a hassle in and of itself, and the struggles are made all the worse when you’ve got to find a place to start. Expensive rent, poor quality locations, difficult commutes, there are all sorts of potential problems for young businesses. But if you convert your garage into your own personal office or studio, you’ve got the perfect place to kickstart your business right in the comfort of your own home. Plan and prepare your business for the next level in a workplace that’s designed for you, until you’re ready and prepared to expand to a wider location with a new team, ready to face the world.

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