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Concrete in its various forms has existed since ancient times. From its beginnings in the construction of The Pyramids to the concrete garages of today, this material has undergone many changes, yet has always been relied on because of its durability. This means that the LM concrete garages built today are likely to be around for several generations.

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Egyptian and Roman Uses

The Egyptians are credited with being the first to use concrete for building. They have been documented in the book of Exodus as making concrete bricks from mud and straw, and they also used a mixture of lime and gypsum to create mortar. Some time later, ancient Romans used a material very similar to that used today by contractors to build some of their famous landmarks. A few examples of these include the Colosseum and the Pantheon which greatly rival today’s concrete garages in terms of size and architectural detailing.

Portland Cement Invented

A man named Joseph Aspdin paved the way for modern contractors such as LM Concrete Garages when he invented Portland cement in 1824. He created this marvel by combining burnt limestone and clay together. In doing so, the chemical properties of these two materials were dramatically changed, thereby resulting in a stronger product than what had been obtained originally. Portland cement is still widely used in building structures such as concrete garages even today.

Experimenting with Modern Concrete

Builders first began using this more modern form of concrete in bigger projects during the last half of the 19th Century. One of the most notable structures that was built during this time was Alvord Lake Bridge in San Francisco. First constructed in 1889, the bridge is still standing today. In 1891, the first concrete street in America was constructed. This street was located in Bellafontaine, Ohio, and has been carefully preserved as a historic attraction. The first concrete building was the Ingalls Building in Cincinnati, Ohio which was completed in 1903.  After this 16-story marvel was finished, people felt more confident about building with concrete than they ever had before.

Early Homes and Concrete Garages

Thomas Edison is actually credited with building the first concrete homes in the United States in 1908. These homes were constructed in Union, New Jersey and are still standing today. It wasn’t long before contractors began regularly using ready-mix concrete to build even more homes and garages for new American families. Its popularity increased even more in 1915 when coloured concrete was introduced by Lynn Mason Scofield.

Concrete is now so commonly used that many people do not even think about the number of uses there are for it. Everything from sports domes to the Hoover Dam have been constructed with this material. If you’re interested in building a durable storage building then concrete garages could be ideal for you. LM Concrete garages is a leader in constructing these buildings and will be happy to assist you with all your storage needs, just call our team on 01280 705456.

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