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When it comes to adding some serious ROI to your home, creating an external room is usually there or thereabouts. You’ll also be adding serious functionality and extra storage space into the bargain. But what happens when you have a choice of either a concrete shed or a concrete garage? Whilst both have undeniable merits, let’s look a little closer and see which one would suit your own requirements the best.

Concrete Shed


Concrete Garage

One of the great things about a concrete garage is the sheer versatility of designs and purposes for this construction. Because the structure is going to be seriously sound, there will be no issues as far as security is concerned. If you have a valuable car, or simply wish to keep it safe from thieves, a concrete garage will prove to be a formidable challenge for any light fingered opportunists in the area.

Why not go for a double garage and even if you only have a single vehicle, just think about all of that extra space you can enjoy. In fact with a double garage, so long as you have sufficient driveway space, you can get at least 3 cars on your property with no hassles. The car in question is also going to be well protected against the severe weather we are forced to grimace through and your insurance costs will also take a nice little dip.

If you decide to build a concrete garage, getting to and from your car will be very easy to manage. Especially during the inclement weather, no more mad dashes for the front door when the rain is having a field day.

Concrete Shed

So what happens if you already have a concrete garage but need some extra storage space for your other hobbies? Why not look into having a concrete shed erected and do it right?

When compared to a tin or even a wooden shed structure, a concrete model will bring plenty of security to the table and you’ll be creating a quality extra room to add to your home. Put some thought into the lighting situation and you may even wish to get some heating installed for those long cold winter months.

Of course you won’t be able to park your car in your concrete shed but a motorcycle would probably fit and you’ll be thankful for the added protection when the heavens decide to open up and say hello!

The Verdict

At the end of the day, both are excellent choices and it all  comes down to whether or not you need extra space for your car or not. Choose a trusted company to carry out the work and you can soon start looking forward to some brilliant storage space and may even add some value to your family home!

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