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Ever thought about moving work closer to home but have no space for an office in the house? Consider a prefabricated concrete office built within the grounds of your existing home.

If you run a business and rent a property as an office you will be aware of the costs involved. To help reduce costs many have now built a concrete office close to their home so that they can reduce the carbon footprint by reducing travel, improve their lifestyle and vastly reduce costs. Even with the cost of construction, the capital outlay can easily be recovered in the first years savings of rent.

The ‘home office’ has transformed the life of many self employed and employed people. No more commuting; get to work in minutes; be able to leave the office and go home when required but with easy access should you need to pop back to the office to deal with something.  At L M Concrete Garages we can provide a bespoke office structure built to your requirements and help dramatically cut the costs of running your business.

Whether a keen DIY enthusiast or a skilled mechanic or craftsman, you could benefit from a home workshop. Safe, secure and easily heated our purpose built prefabricated concrete workshops could provide the solution to your workshop space problem. Work from home and reduce outgoings on rented workshops or lock ups.

Many who run businesses need a workshop to provide vital facilities. The cost of rented workshops can be very high and they are often difficult to find as many light commercial estates now cater for the larger company. If you are caught in that position then consider a prefab concrete workshop. The initial costs are relatively low, often less than the premium required on a lease, the building is virtually maintenance free, can be sited (with permission where necessary) in a convenient location, and built to your specifications.

The benefit of our sectional workshops would be a fraction of the rental costs of a workshop and help the carbon footprint by reducing travel. Contact us for more detail.

LM Garages are specialists of Workshops and Offices, and offer a full service including demolition, removals, installation and base laying. Find out more…

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