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Here in the UK we are familiar with unpredictable weather, we endure long summers of rain and snow in spring; despite this, we are lucky to say that we do not often experience extreme weather conditions. However we are not exempt from ‘freak’ weather, for example the mini tornado that ripped through Walsall this October stripping tiles from roofs and a whole roofs from garages.

A mini twister roared through Segundo Road in Delves, Walsall leaving its residents stunned and properties damaged. Two private garages had their asbestos roofs torn off by the strong gusts of winds, the flying debris smashing into nearby cars.

Fire crews who were called to the scene described the event as ‘a twister – a complete freak of nature’ and referred to mini tornado as the one that affected Birmingham’s Stratford Road 5 or 6 years ago. The fire brigade secured the roof tiles and called out a building control engineer to further assess the damage.

One of the resident’s whose garage roof was completely ripped off is Andrew Ely, 48, of Stirrup Close. Mr Ely normally keeps his car in the garage but, fortunately was out at the time, the only remaining goods in his garage were tins of paint, DY materials and a bicycle. Mr Ely stated “I got off very lucky. I’ve only had my car eight weeks and it would have been crushed” before going on to say “compared to some people I’ve got off lightly and the insurance should cover it. I’ve heard stories of house tiles coming off and wheelie bins flying through the air.”

Other residents who witnessed the mini tornado, such as mother-of-three Kamaldip Kaur, stated that that the twister “started about 5pm” and “lasted around 15 minutes”. “We saw the neighbour’s roof starting to move, it was like something you see on the TV from America.”

Hayling Island in Hampshire was also affected; around 100 homes were damaged by the fierce weather.

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