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Unless you have been living on Mars for the past decade, you will know all about how the UK house prices have rocketed beyond all expectations. And as a result it can be incredibly challenging for the younger generation to get themselves on the first rung of the much vaunted property ladder. To make matters worse, rental prices aren’t exactly user friendly and this cause a huge problem nationwide. But for one lady, Stephanie Bertenshaw, this problem was seen as an opportunity, and boy, didn’t she do well!

Concrete Garages


About Stephanie

Stephanie’s story begins in an all too familiar setting, she was a young professional who was doing her best to make her way through life but was finding it difficult to come to terms with the costs of housing here in the UK. A designer by trade, she was working as a teaching assistant to help finance her business. Faced with the choice of paying for rental accommodation or remaining at home, Stephanie took a closer look at the 5 garages that were unused on her parents land and had a brainwave. She decided, with the help of her partner, took it upon themselves to renovate these outbuildings and transform them into a family home!

From Garage To Home

Being a talented designer, Stephanie already had a head full of ideas with regards to making this metamorphosis a reality. With limited funds and some very dusty concrete garages to deal with, the couple got stuck into the project and 2 years later, the results were, quite frankly, stunning! From a total investment of £15,000, they managed to create a 3 bedroom family home that is currently valued at £150,000! This wasn’t the result of an accident, because Stephanie used her artistic talent and insight to achieve this fabulous objective and now the couple have a mortgage free home that has gained nationwide recognition! Channel 4’s ‘Kirstie’s Best of Both Worlds’ featured the ‘new’ home and since then, Stephanie has added a new extension for her craft business.

Extra Space and So Much More!

Although it may be a pipe dream to many, using your own garage to create some mega useful extra space for your own home is far easier than you may imagine. Okay, a 3 bedroom house may be beyond most of us UK homeowners, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t garner some cool ROI from your dusty old garage. If you have some empty land and currently don’t have a garage, why not look into having one built? You’d be surprised how reasonable these ‘extra rooms’ can be setup for, and just think about the extra space that you could have at your disposal, as well as a nice safe place for the family car!

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