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Most people take garage doors for granted, but choosing the right type of door for your property can make a huge difference. When selecting a door, you should consider the environment that your home is located in, the space you have on your property, and what you will be using your garage for. Garador has doors that can fit any need, and you will find it much easier to choose from their wide selection if you know what you are looking for ahead of time.

Roller Doors

The most common type of door is the roller door, which is an insulated door that pulls down from a top opening. A rubber seal at the bottom helps to provide extra insulation, so these doors are ideal for those who live in an area with very cold winters. The fact that the door rolls up instead of swinging outward makes this model ideal for short driveways or garages that have interior space concerns. The roller model can be modified to fit a sectional model as well. Under this model, a large garage has several possible openings, all of which are covered by a roller door. Individual doors can be opened to allow partial access to the garage, or they can all be opened at once.

Hinged Doors

Those who want to add some classic character to their garages may be interested in installing side hinged doors. They swing outward, meaning that there’s no need to worry about keeping space clear on the inside. The doors work best for individuals who have enough space in their driveway to pull in and open the doors without worrying about them hitting the front of the vehicle. Despite their classic appearance, these doors can be modernised quite well. Automatic garage door openers will work just fine with these, and a number of designs, colours, and finishes allows for a high level of customisation.

Retractable and Canopy Opening Doors

Less commonly seen but still quite popular are retractable opening doors and canopy opening doors. A retractable door opens in towards the garage, making it a good option for people with short driveways but lots of free space on the inside. These doors are well-suited for automation, while canopy opening doors are designed for manual operation. Canopy doors have a narrow frame and a large opening space, making them terrific for trucks and jobs where you need to move a large amount of equipment into a garage. As with Garador’s other doors, these options use security locking as a standard and come in a wide variety of different colours and designs so they can blend seamlessly with your home.

Regardless of which of the many garage doors you choose from, they all have something in common. That something is the fact that they can be customised to fit not only the physical needs of your home but also your budget. Garador offers a wide range of cost and financing options, so you can make sure you get the door you need without breaking your budget.

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