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Any structure, be it a garage or workshop must sit on a concrete base which meets certain standards. The building is only going to be as good as the base it sits on and if the base is not within certain tolerances the owner can expect nothing but trouble, not least of which is water entering the building where the panels rest on an uneven slab. As you consider the installation of a concrete sectional building either as a new construction or a replacement, following a few simple guidelines on the floor slab can ensure that you get many years of trouble free service from your investment.

• The slab should be flat and level under the entire footprint of the building. The supplier of the concrete sectional building can provide you with the tolerances as they can be different depending on the type of building.

• From the exterior edge of the building in all directions, assure a slight drop off or fall away from the building. ¼” is fine, this will insure that rain flows away from the building and not into it.

• The base should be higher than the surroundings. This will insure that accumulated water will not make its way into the building.

• The base itself should be between  6” larger in all directions than the building. If the base is larger it could lead to water penetration.

• If the approach to the garage is via a ramp make sure that the ramp height is not higher than the base itself. The ramp must slope away from the up and over door otherwise water can penetrate under the door.

• If the building is a replacement for something existing, the existing slab should also meet these guidelines. If necessary, refinish the base prior to the erection of the new structure.

• Once the tip up panels has been installed it is recommended that an internal fillet be made. It is not necessarily a water tight seal but it will stop water from seeping in under the panel, it also provides an attractive finishing touch to the interior of the garage.

• If the garage is at the bottom of a sloping drive, a drain channel at the base of the slop, before the garage door is mandatory. The channel should slope off to the side of the structure.
By following these simple steps you can be assured of building which will stay dry and in good condition for many years.

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