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Not every concrete garage is used for the same reasons. For every owner that uses it to hold their car, another uses it as their storage space. But the uses of a garage go beyond these regular ideas. When you have the spare space that a garage can offer you, you can let your imagination run wild and create something that you really want. Here are some examples of how you can modify your garage for something amazing.

Man Cave – Typically, the infamous “Man Cave” is a secluded, low-maintenance spot for the man of the house to relax on his own, tinkering with projects or just getting some peace and quiet by himself. Fill the garage with your favourite items and use it as your home away from home. There’s always the option of making the “Woman Cave” as well. The garage makes a great personal space no matter who needs it.

Games Room – An interesting take on the old “home cinema” stereotype that garages have. Modern gamers need a lot of space for all their games and consoles, with the wires and controllers all getting mixed up in your room. Much better to set it all up in the garage and enjoy the peace and space. Also, the garage is great for holding older games, like table football or pool, for anyone looking to enjoy the classics.

Home Cinema – Speaking of the home cinema, the garage makes a great place to set up your projector or TV and enjoy the viewing experience. Grab your snack machines and seats and customise the place to suit your needs. Make space for a microwave or a slushie maker, if you want.

Home Gym – The garage is the perfect place to set up your workout equipment. Save money on an expensive membership and only include the equipment that you need. With plenty of space and the ability to keep out of the way of the rest of the house, you’re able to move around as much as you can and enjoy a proper workout session.

Home Office – The seclusion of the garage makes it a great place to get some work done. Sometimes, even your own home can be filled with distractions and noises that make work difficult, so the garage is great for buckling down and getting your work done in peace. Set up your work space with whatever you need to make it personal and perfect for your job.

Why not view our infographic on 5 different uses for garages, Or for more information contact us today.

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