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Site Banner - Crafty CreativeOur offer has been extended so sit back and relax you’ve still got time to save yourself £1000 this October. Its time to forget about man caves and hobby shops, and time to clear out that garage and transform it into the perfect crafts room that you’ve been dreaming about.

We have come up with a few easy steps to help you convert your garage!

  1. The first step is to tackle the dirt. We all know how easy it is to use the garage as a dumping ground for stuff we don’t use any more, so it’s time to clear all of that out and give the garage a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.
  1. Next, Its time to get painting and decorating. Changing the flooring and adding insulation can make a huge difference to the room. Changing the colour of the walls to something that is more soothing and inspiring can make the room feel more customised rather than a garage conversion.
  1. Install storage racks, this will help you to maximise the space you have in the garage. Tupperware contains, and book shelves are perfect storage ideas and are not too expensive. Building an overhead storage rack would also help to maximise your garage space as it would mean that you will still be able to house garage like items as well as your craft supply.
  1. Install a power strip. More likely than not your garage will, be lacking in power. Power strips are a simple solution. All you need to do is work out where you will be doing what in your new crafts room to help establish how long the chords need to be from the power outlets.

Whatever you decide to do to your garage we would love for you to share a picture with us over on our Facebook LM Concrete Garage. To find out more about our offer please visit our website on https://www.lmconcretegarages.co.uk/

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