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One of the best ways to prepare your prefabricated garage for winter is by doing a thorough clean, this is to get rid of any dirt, debris, dead insects or creatures, leaves and anything else that gets tracked into the garage during the summer season. The best way to do this is to move everything from the walls, then use a stiff broom to sweep out any dirt. Make sure you hit all the cobwebs from the walls and ceilings.

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After you have cleaned the floor thoroughly, you can consider applying a water seal. This will help to repel any moisture that finds its way in during winter. It is easier to seal any areas that could bring in moisture if it is kept clean.

Seal Off Any Cracks or Holes

Make sure you conduct a thorough assessment of your concrete garage, keeping an eye out for any cracks or holes. It is important to locate these as they can bring moisture in as well as release any much-needed warm air. This does also include any garage doors so ensure you also inspect them. Other areas to keep a close eye on are around an electrical outlets or vents. Once found, make sure all cracks and holes are sealed.

If your garage has windows, its now time to make sure they are closed and properly locked. This will help to keep your garage secure as well as prevent any drafts that may occur. Also ensure you check the weather-stripping for any cracks or breaks, if this is the case then it will need to be replaced, make sure there is a tight seal. All of these tips will help to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Check the Electrics

This is simple but effective, use a simple voltage tester to make sure any electrical outlets are functioning properly. Replace any broken light bulbs and if you have one, ensure you test your heater to make sure it is clean and in good working order.

Repair or Replace Your Concrete Garage Door

If your garage door doesn’t work properly it is crucial the you have it repaired especially if over the winter period, you will have to deal with snow and ice. You don’t want to be stuck trying to operate your door by hand in the cold, ice or snow! Locks, hinges and any other metal parts can all seize up in cold temperatures. This means that it becomes increasingly difficult to open your garage door or in some cases impossible to close. This can leave your garage and its contents extremely vulnerable not only to the winter weather but intruders as well. Make sure that these are all lubricated to make sure they keep running smoothly. New doors are known to be much better insulated than ones purchased a decade ago, consider this upgrade as it is proven to be very valuable.

Getting your garage ready for the cold weather can be done in a weekend, but the benefits will last all season.

If you are looking to replace your garage door this winter, check out our full range here. For more information on any of our products, contact us today!

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