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Concrete has been used for a wide variety of uses over the years from High rise concrete tower blocks to polished concrete floors and it is clear that over the years the concrete garage market has taken a dramatic shift. While 30 years ago concrete garages were often boring, uncreative and uninteresting, it is fair to say that the modern garage has the ability to be the complete opposite. With modern technology allowing different designs, finishes and structures to be created, as well as mould innovation being at an all-time high, concrete garages have never seemed more of an attractive prospect.

concrete garage

When picking a concrete garage that is right for you, there is a large amount of choice when it comes to deciding on both the design, finish and function of your garage. If you are planning to use your garage as a workshop for example the standlake concrete garage and the popular concrete garage have a flexible design so that this can be achieved. This is vastly different from the types of garages seen in the past, whereby there was little to no choice or flexibility in the garage market.

As technology has improved for the design and creation of concrete garages, so has the ability to ensure a garage is created that is both practical and safe for all purposes. Since the 1990’s new concrete garage roofs are made out of fibre cement, historically before this they would have contained asbestos. In addition to this, modern day garages can offer you a range of aesthetic choices ranging from the exterior to the colour of the roof.

It’s clear that over the years the market for concrete garages has changed dramatically, allowing for a wider audience to be reached. Whether you want to use your garage for a gym, office, storage or more, a modern day concrete garage and all of its latest advancements can cater to you. Feeling inspired about the possibilities of owning a garage? Contact L&M Sturdy Garages & Sheds to explore our range of garage solutions today. Get a quote or a brochure today.

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