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A search for the worst garden sheds in England has identified a Winner from Saffron Waldon owned by Audrey Bazley. The prize? A shed makeover to transform the dilapidated shed to a modern day makeover courtesy of fashion designer Eley Kishimoto. The shed was identified through a nationwide search by Cuprinol, which sponsors the Shed of the Year contest. Ms. Bazley is now the proud owner of a freshly renovated shed that looks like a work of art.


The Country’s Worst Shed

Of all the garden sheds in Britain, Ms. Bazley’s shed was deemed to be the worst, with a ramshackle look that made it seem completely unusable. The shed was overgrown with ivy, the roof had caved in, and there was decaying debris piled up inside and spilling out the front door. The only way this shed could have been worse in terms of form and function is if it had actually been torn down and left as the giant junk heap that it effectively was. Despite these flaws, Bazley still saw some utility in the old structure and was interested in breathing new life into it. In order to get the shed in tip-top shape again, Cuprinol brought in Kishimoto, a top fashion designer, to give the structure a complete and total overhaul.

The Shed’s History

Bazley inherited the upkeep of this shed when her husband passed away. Because the garden was so large, she didn’t have time to properly maintain the shed, which is why it decayed and fell apart to the wreck that it was prior to the beginning of this contest. Kishimoto went to work making an effort to preserve the shed’s history while improving it and transforming it into something that could be very much usable. The ivy pattern that now adorns the walls, in addition to being one of Kishimoto’s signature designs, also reflects the history of the shed, showing off the creeping ivy that once overran the structure. The redesign shows that even the most dilapidated of structures and be given new life.

The Makeover

Kishimoto is known for her ivy print, and she brought that iconic look to this project. The pattern now adorns the outside of the shed, which has been repainted and repaired. The debris was moved out, the roof was fixed up, and the faded, rotting wood of the walls and doorway have now been replaced by bright coloured paint that makes it look like a brand new structure rather than the aged and well-used shed that it once had been. The inside includes specially made shelving units and enough cosy comforts to transform one of the most non-functional garden sheds there has ever been into an ideal reading retreat. Truly, the shed has been remade in virtually every way through this project.

If the “worst” shed in the country can be transformed into a bright and lovely reading room, this means that virtually anything can be saved with a little love and care. This chapter in the history of Bazley’s shed shows that nothing is too old and decrepit to be restored into something vibrant and new.

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