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Now that autumn has arrived, and winter is on the way we have created a list of the best advice on how a classic car should be stored during the winter. Most car owners know that it is harmful for any vehicle not to be driven for a long period of time because it results in electricity related and other mechanical issues such as rust. So, we have created this guide to help you keep your car in as good condition as it was before the winter.

Storage location

It is very important to keep your car in a dry building. To help with this covering the car with an inflatable tent with fans will help with keeping the air moving inside.


The best way to care for your classic car is in the temperature, the garage should be around 10 and 20 degrees by Celsius. It is also important to ensure proper ventilation in both your garage and the car. The best thing to do is to roll the windows down so that air can flow easily inside and out. This will help to prevent rust and mould forming.

Humidity level

As the UK can become quite humid it is very important to ensure that the humidity level is as low as possible in the garage. One way of ensuring this is to install a humidity collecting equipment.

Change the engine oil

It is important to change the oil before you put your car away for the winter, a common mistake for a lot of people is to change the oil after the winter. The reason why it is important to change the oil before is because old oil ‘settles’ and this will mean that it will not protect the engine when the engine is turned on after winter.

Fill up the fuel tank

If you store your car away for the winter with an empty of half full fuel tank water condensation is likely to occur.  This is very harmful to the fuel system and the car engine itself. A full tank will help eliminate such risks.

Tyre pressure

When storing your car, it is best to inflate the tyres to the maximum pressure level indicate an the tyre side wall, what this is does is that it prevents the tyre from developing flat spots.

And finally, don’t start your car until spring

It is rumoured that you should start your car during the winter in order to allow the engine to turn over. But in actual fact, according to engineers this does more harm than good because you are just turning over a ‘cold-start’ which means the engine parts are not lubricated properly to be started.

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