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You can save up to £1000 when you order your concrete garage by the 30th September. But what would you spend your £1000 saving on? Are you a fitness fanatic, a gym bunny or just tired of the long commute and overcrowded facilities at the gym? Then why not take matters into your own hands and ditch the gym memberships and turn your new prefab concrete garage into your very own personal gym.

If physical fitness is an important part of your lifestyle or if you just enjoy unwinding by doing a workout, transforming your LM sectional prefab shed or garage into a fully functional home gym could be the perfect way to spend your £1000 saving. Some of the benefits include;

Save money. A home gym can seem like a big expense to begin with but compare it to a monthly gym membership, the home gym in the long run would workout cheaper as the expense is paid off all in one amount instead of monthly instalments across the year.

Save time. The traveling you do to and from the gym can be time consuming and ultimately put you off going, or the time you spend waiting for the gym equipment to become available. All of this would be avoided with your own home gym. You can get changed, walk out to your garage and you’re there and ready to work out. No more wasting time waiting for the machine you want to be available as it will always be available to you.

Privacy. If you struggle to get yourself to the gym because of concerns of working out in front of others or you feel the gym can get too competitive then you can escape all this by working out in the comfort of your home gym.

Freedom. In a home gym you have the freedom to completely control your environment. If you enjoy working out to loud heavy music, then you can do this with your own workout space. If the tv isn’t on the right channel or a programme you don’t want to miss is on, this is not a problem. At you home gym you can control everything making your workout more satisfying and motivational which in turn will aid in getting you better results.

Here are just a few of the benefits from having a home gym, the variety of exercises and equipment a home gym can offer are now starting to match that of a local gym. So, request a quote from us today to receive your fantastic discount of up to £1000 to help you convert your new garage into a home gym.

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