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Originally, garages were built to house cars and other vehicles. However, over the years the purpose of the garage has changed and the garage has far more potential than many people give it credit for; these structures can in fact serve a number of alternative and useful purposes.

Concrete Garage


Additional Storage Space

Many people are in the habit of accumulating far more possessions than they realise and as a result, the inside of their homes can become cluttered and disorderly. In cases like this, it can be a good idea to invest in a garage storage system that will enable the bulk of these little-used items to be stowed away in a practical and easy-to-access manner. If you do not have a garden shed, your garage can also be used to house bicycles, lawn mowers and other items.

Alternative Working Space

As the modern trend of downsizing homes gains popularity, more people are finding that they no longer have enough space for activities that they enjoy. With a little creativity, you can turn a portion of your garage into space for woodworking, arts and crafts and painting. Sewing enthusiasts can even set up their machines and not have to worry about the hassle of packing them away each time they need to stop sewing for any reason. Using your garage for craft projects also means that the mess and clutter associated with this hobby need never be brought into the house.

Additional Living Space

The global recession has resulted in many people losing their jobs and homes. In case of an emergency where close friends or family members may have found themselves without a place to stay, a garage can make an ideal temporary living space. It may not be anything fancy, but it will at least provide a roof over one’s head until a person’s financial situation looks set to improve. In some cases, garages have even been converted to permanent living spaces, with the addition of bathroom and kitchen nooks being added to them.

A Makeshift Gym

Although more people are aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy, not all of them are able to afford a gym membership. Purchasing gently-used gym equipment of your own and converting your garage into a gym will not only save a lot of money; it will also save countless hours of commuting to and from the gym. This is especially appealing in our UK climate, which can often be quite unpredictable at times.

Band Practice Area                                           

While many teens have dreams of having their own famous band, few of them are able to practice playing instruments at home. An unused garage can make an ideal band practice area, provided that no neighbours live too close who will be disturbed by the noise. If you live in close proximity to your neighbours, your aspiring band members may need to obtain their permission before cranking up the music.

When it comes to alternative uses for a garage, there are virtually no limits. Sometimes, all that is required is a little creativity and research in order to maximise your garage’s full potential.

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