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Although it may be common knowledge that property prices are certainly on the rise, you may be surprised to learn that a tiny garage has recently changed hands for the princely sum of £50,000 in Bristol. This vehicle storage structure can barely provide shelter for a Mini but the buyer was nonetheless happy enough with his purchase. The unnamed man actually paid £15,000 over the auction guide price and thanks to the upmarket location, Clifton; it is believed that selling this expensive garage will not be an issue when the time comes.



Garages, and then some…

Here in the UK, we have been a nation of garage lovers for as long as we care to remember, but how would yours stand up to the very best out there? Here we take a peek at a few accessories that will add serious value and a little wow factor to your very own concrete garage without necessarily breaking the bank:

Neon Shapes – How about a genuine slice of Americana in your glorified man cave? These arty products are way too cool to be used in your home, the garage will be transformed into something out of 1950’s USA and you might even illuminate your imagination into the bargain.

Hanging out – A decent garage needs to have plenty of storage space but what happens when you like to look at your tools instead of hiding them away? Choose hanging tool rack and kill two birds with a single stone, kind of. Buy something solid with the ability to handle a bunch of power tools and your mates will be seriously impressed the next time they pop over for a chinwag and a coffee.

Stay Safe – Having an old packet of plasters in the drawer may be your idea of a first aid kit but when the chips are down, shouldn’t you be a little kinder to yourself? Why not splash out on a 275-piece first aid kit and ensure that you and your family have everything covered from bee stings to minor burns?  

Keep Cool – How about buying a retro Ice Box Cooler for those summer nights when you can’t be doing with going back into the kitchen for a few tins of something refreshing? These are fine for BBQ’s and pool parties or simply a lads’ night in.


With just a few slick extras, you could transform your garage into one heck of a chilled place to be, so what’s stopping you?

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