About This Garage...

The Popular, like our Market Leader garages benefits from a total re-think of garage design, construction and insulation. This is made possible by investment in new production processes, in particular our new concrete moulding technology. Just some changes we have made include maintenance-free concrete facias to front and rear. The 7′ 6″ eaves height represents another first for L&M Concrete Garages and we have also increased the pitch of the roof to 12″. The steeper roofs provide efficient water run-off and even more storage space in the roof truss area.


  1. 7′ 6″ Eaves height – a first in the industry, introduced by L&M Concrete Garages.
  2. We only use four panels to achieve this extra height, which means we only have three joints, not the 4 or 5 used by our competitors. The fewer joints you have the more weatherproof the garage.
  3. Specially designed locating luggs on each panel ensure the walls cannot be ereceted out of perpendicular – making it even easier to erect yourselves.
  4. Using the latest concrete moulding techniques involving ABS plastic moulds, we can ensure the best possible reproduction of stone, brick and shiplap wall finishes.
  5. Reinforced concrete door frames – totally maintenance free.
  6. Fully retractable galvanised steel up and over door.



Using the Popular concrete garage post and panel design, just about any type of building can be created – from office units to workshops or semi-industrial buildings. The design is simplicity itself using a minimal amount of components, the erection of a Popular garage could not be easier.

Also reflecting our belief in keeping things simple is the fact that we manufacture just three types of Popular panel – 1′, 2′, or 4′ wide. This increases the flexibility as countless construction permutations are possible.

The Popular can also be used as a shed, workshop or any other purpose built building you need. Just about any combination of width or length is possible. By the skilful use of infil techniques we also give you complete freedom over the positioning of up and over doors, personal doors and windows.

A full range of accessories is available – see here.

I was impressed by the excellent organisation - peoples timing and punctuality was impressive as was their workmanship. It was the first time I had dealt with anyone from the internet also with someone completely unknown - I usually use people as recommended by others. Your personal kindness and helpfulness was much appreciated, you even went the extra mile by contacting you ‘technical adviser' to overcome the problem with the Council's Building Warrant Officer, who delayed matters, so putting me one week behind schedule. When my warrant was granted you efficiently arranged for the erection of the garage. You have an excellent and hard-working team which is so rare these days. Locals have wondered why I dealt with people from so far away - they were disbelieving when I recounted events as they unfolded but most impressed when they realised it was true!

- Elaine Parker, Abelour