Statistics show that only 24% of UK garage owners use the space to store their vehicles, the most popular use of a garage is a general storage room or a place to ‘hide’ junk. For many, the thought of clearing out the garage to make way for some much needed extra space is bleak and most approach the task with dread. However, sorting through your garage may prove very profitable if you are lucky enough to uncover something worthwhile; over the years many forgotten treasures have been uncovered in garages all across the world, from classic cars to historical documents.

Here are a few of the most amazing garage discoveries in recent years.

Amazing Garage Discoveries Infographic

If this has inspired you to sort through your garage, do it with caution as you may come across a hidden treasure! Find out more about L M Concrete Garages here.

The whole process from ordering to erection was smooth and trouble-free. and we were delighted to find that we could move our equipment into the garage after only 4 hours.' The erectors certainly knew their job and worked so swiftly, it was incredible!

- M Liernam-Loiqu